Creating From the Inside Out means tapping into your inner guidance & letting it lead you to all that you want. It’s about actively & deliberately creating your life, not just accepting whatever comes along. It's about living in alignment with your inner wisdom and practicing the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.

Hi, I’m Michelle Waldo, host of the Creating From the Inside Out podcast and creator of the Connecting Inward™ - Learn to Connect With Your Inner Being Course. I’m also a serial entrepreneur, creative adventurer, writer, and deeply curious person.

As my life has progressed through the years, I have moved from hearing my inner guidance as just a whisper to actively engaging it in all areas of my life. Creating From the Inside Out draws on my experiences from the spiritual, to the professional, to the personal.


My formal spiritual journey began in 2002 when I started intensively studying and practicing shamanism, energy medicine, and a very powerful therapeutic modality called Depth Hypnosis. It was this study that lead me to work as a shamanic practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist.

As part of this journey I studied consciousness, and later I began studying and practicing the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, which has profoundly changed my life, work, and spiritual practice.


I love creating new business ventures. I’m a two-time internet startup company CEO; I had my own brand, marketing & career consultancy; and I ran a successful interior design firm for many years.


I reside in the San Francisco Bay Area with my two sons, husband, many cats, and a mini Australian Shepherd. I love spending time with my family, recharging in an alpine setting, snowboarding in fresh powder, and drinking Yunnan tea.


Join me on the podcast where I share tips and insights on tapping into your inner guidance and living the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.