Creating From the Inside Out means tuning into and living in alignment with your own Source consciousness. It's about ultimately creating the lifestyle, work, health, relationships, abundance, creativity and more that you truly desire.

Hi, I’m Michelle Waldo. I help people connect to, communicate with, and live in alignment with their own Source consciousness – aka their Inner Being – as well as to learn new and advanced energy and vibrational techniques to create the life they truly want. To ultimately become Who They Really Are at the deepest levels of their being. To tune into the True Power that is available within them.

A Spiritual Path

For me, this process is an ongoing spiritual path. It’s a path of radical self-reflection, courage, and authenticity. It’s a path of creating the life you want that you’ve always felt a deep sense of knowing about, but perhaps forgot about long ago. Or perhaps it's the life that you are just waking up to the potential of right now. Regardless, this vision of your life spans your desires regarding your daily lifestyle, work, money, creativity, health, relationships and more.

This Is What You Came Here To Do

Ultimately, this process is about creating a life and things in the world that benefit not only you at the deepest level of your being, but also mankind and the world at large. This is not because the world is broken and it needs you to fix it. It’s not because you need “to serve” in order to receive. Those are outdated and faulty premises. Instead, this path is about waking up, tuning in, and creating your own authentic and true life because This Is What You Came Here In This Lifetime To Do. And in doing this, you inspire others to do the same.

Are You Ready?

Join us.