In this episode I share the story of my early days with Ceylon, the collective Source consciousness that is my inner guidance aka Inner Being. I talk about what my experience was like as a child, the challenges I faced, and the deep and unexplainable knowing that I always had. 

Note, in this episode, I explain how I was naively led to utilize a chemical substance in my late teen years. While I valued the immense contrast that experience gave me after the fact, I NEVER advocate the use of drugs or chemical substances to access different levels of consciousness, even in micro amounts. It is dangerous and most importantly, it is absolutely unnecessary. Even in my years of studying Shamanism I would not utilize ayahuasca, even though my teachers were.

Instead, I always advocate tuning into your inner world to begin connecting and deepening your connection to your own inner guidance or Inner Being. This is what leads you to your own Source energy, which is always within you. And this experience far surpasses what you could ever experience on LSD, Ayahuasca, or similar.

Those drugs can be confusing and dangerous and in the end they yield nothing like what happens when you consciously and deliberately begin turning into your own Source energy. In my Connecting Inward course, you learn the safe and step-by-step way of tuning into your own Source consciousness as I describe above. That is what I advocate.

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