I’m honored to participate as a speaker in the Own Your Extraordinary Life Online Summit where I’ll be talking about Communicating With Your Inner Being.

Starting Dec 1 in the U.S. (Dec 2 in Europe) and running for 5 days, more than 20 experts from around the world, including myself, will share their own unique insights on how you can live an extraordinary life. This includes topics under the categories of finding purpose and direction, alignment and flow, business and entrepreneurship, and money.

My interview will be available for viewing starting Wed. Dec 4 in the U.S. (Thurs. Dec. 5 in Europe). As part of it, I’ll be speaking about the Connecting Inward process that I’ve been talking about in my podcast, as well as other methods for communicating with your Inner Being.

  • How does our Inner Being communicate with and guide us?
  • How can we tune in and receive this guidance?
  • What is Connecting Inward?
  • What does a Connecting Inward session look like?
  • How has your Connecting Inward practice changed your life and how can it benefit others?
  • How does one begin Connecting Inward?
  • What books and resources can help us learn more about this subject?

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