Hi. I'm Michelle Waldo.

I help people connect to, communicate with, and live in alignment with their Inner Being, as well as utilize advanced energetic techniques to create the life they truly want.

I teach people how to do these things in practical, step-by-step, daily life ways via a series of online courses, digital products, service offerings, retreats, and more.

My work draws on direct channeled guidance from my own Inner Being, the collective Source consciousness known as Ceylon.

My work also builds on decades of experience studying, practicing, teaching and coaching thousands of people in spiritual and energetic practices including those of Abraham Hicks, the Law of Attraction, Shamanism, Energy Medicine, regression therapy, shadow work, dream work, hypnotherapy, alternative health and healing, entrepreneurship, creativity, and more.

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High Vibe Mornings

Use this mini audio course to help you start your day feeling better. This program can help you kick start your day into an even better place each morning. It's designed for when you’re feeling OK and you want to amp it up even more.

Feel Better Now Course

Raise your vibration to new heights, begin feeling good, and create your own feel-good reality in this video-based online course. The methods taught in this course catapult you into a new level of daily living --utilizing the Law of Attraction and advanced vibrational techniques.

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Learn the Connecting Inward ™ Process

Do you want to learn how to connect and communicate with your Inner Being -- that deeper, all-knowing part of you? In this course, I teach you how to connect and begin communicating with your own Inner Being using the method that I've developed and used over the last 18 years to communicate with my own Inner Being Ceylon. This is the method that I talk extensively about in my podcasts.

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